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Nutrition is a science which studies the relationship between diet and states of health and disease. Dieticians are Health professionals who are specialized in this area of expertise. They are also the only highly trained health professionals able to provide safe, evidence-based and accurate dietary advice and interventions.

Between the extremes of optimal health and death from starvation or malnutrition, there is an array of disease states that can be caused or alleviated by changes in diet. Deficiencies, excesses and imbalances in diet can produce negative impacts on health, which may lead to diseases such as scurvy, obesity or osteoporosis, as well as psychological and behavioral problems. Moreover, excessive ingestion of elements that have no apparent role in health, (e.g. lead, mercury, PCBs, dioxins), may incur toxic and potentially lethal effects, depending on the dose. The science of nutrition attempts to understand how and why specific dietary aspects influence health.


Nutrition is the body of science that seeks to explain metabolic and physiologic responses to diet. With advances in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics, nutrition is additionally developing into the study of integrative metabolism, which seeks to connect diet and health through the lens of biochemical processes.

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directory of related sites - Offers consultation services, nutrition, weight control, women's products, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ provides vital information on a variety of health care topics and products such as enzymes, vitamins, and supplements toachieve good health and well being. ]

A Better Health, Nutrition, and Vitamin Store - Offers supplements for people and pets, and books, publications, and gifts.

500 A-Z Nutrinet - Offers a complete assortment of nutritional products indexed by category, health concern, and manufacturer.

Aden Health Products, LLC. - Offers products for bodybuilding, male sexual enhancement, and weight loss.
Meta Description: [ dietary supplement herbal weight loss insurance quote company cheap american ]

500 All Body Fitness - Specializes in sports and fitness, with general nutrition, men's and women's specialties, and weight loss.
Meta Description: [ Discount vitamins online catalog! Shopping for nutritional, dietary and fitness supplements? Homeopathic products and minerals and herbs? Natural soaps, cleaners and cosmetics? We feature 600 brands and over 12,000 products at prices 20-50% off allbodyfitness all body fitness Buy vitamins, diet p... ]

All Natural Health - Supplies vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbs.
Meta Description: [ Welcome to All Natural Health. Homeopathic Supplements and Natural Products. Call us toll free at 1-866-785-1462 or e-mail us at ]

All Ways - A health and natural food center. A certified nutrionist provides online information.
Meta Description: [ All Ways Healthy, health and natural food center. Providing an extensive selection of quality natural foods and health care products. ] - Offering spans most categories of general health, fitness, sports, and many health concern specialties. Broad assortment of manufacturers.
Meta Description: [ Offers great prices and discount on creatine,atkins advantage bars and isopure. ]

Alpha Nutrition - Provides education, support and products to assist people recovering from illness using nutritional approaches.
Meta Description: [ Alpha Nutrition offers information about common health problems and their solution with programs, books, nutrient formulas Alpha ENF PMX, DMX and OMX and innovative solutions such as the Alpha Nutrition Program. ]

Alternative Medicine Shop - Offers nutrition, weight loss, herbs, health concern specialties, books and equipment.

Amazon Nutrition - Offers multi-vitamin/herbal and essential fatty acid products.
Meta Description: [ offers natural skin care, home health remedies for brain functions, eye problems and skin disorders, and anti-aging nutritional supplements ]

America's Vitamin and Nutrition - With a heavy emphasis on sports and bodybuilding, the offering also covers most general health categories and features a variety of manufacturers.
Meta Description: [ Xenadrine, EAS, Myoplex, Hydroxycut, Carb Cutter, Creatine, Protein, Sex Nutrition, Andro and more at wholesale. Try us. ]

AMK Squared Enterprises Inc. - Offers nutrition, bodybuilding, weight loss, beauty, and household products.
Meta Description: [ Nationwide retailer of non-prescription drugs, health and beauty products, nutritional supplements for bodybuilding, fitness, dieting, weight loss and more ]

Australia Products Exhibition Center - Offers products from Life Time Health Pty Ltd, Homart Pty Ltd, and Johnson and Barana Co. Pty Ltd.
Meta Description: [ An Online Shopping And Information Center for Australian Products. ]

404 Ausvita Health Products - Provides vitamins, minerals, herbal, sports nutrition, skin care and body building products.
Meta Description: [ On-line secure shopping service with a large discounted range of major brand vitamin supplements for men's & women's health, sports nutrition,weight loss and body care ]

Benuts - Offers a source for external healing aids, vitamins, supplements, skin care products, hypo allergenic products, and books. - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight loss, beauty, and health concern specialties. Also has an education section.
Meta Description: [ Choose and order online, from thousands of the best natural products from the best manufacturers such as Twinlab, Schiff, American Health, Nature's Way, Cartilade and many more ]

BioActive Nutrients - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight loss, and a wide variety of health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Our bioactive vitamin & mineral health products are nutritional supplements containing the most bioavailable forms of the proper ingredients for your body, health and mind. ]

BioEnergy - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports, and weight loss products.
Meta Description: [ For 23 Years, BIOENERGY(R) VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS have been Innovators & Manufacturers of 24 Hour Action Timed Released vitamins & nutrients for consumers worldwide. Only BioEnergy(R) vitamins & nutrients provide 24 hour maximum benefits ]

Bioeonline - Offers probiotic with 12 strains of live lactic acid bacteria, plus vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

BIOS Biochemicals, Inc. - Sells nutrition and health concern specialties for humans and animals
Meta Description: [ mail order, distribution, L-Tryptophan, insomnia, depression, serotonin, Prozac, anxiety, stress, mood, animal health, ADD, adictions, arthritis, diabetes, serotonin deficiency syndrome, mood cure, diet cure. ]

Bioscience Products - Sells amino and fatty acid products, plus related publications.
Meta Description: [ Bioscience Products provides information and services for a total health evalution and recommendation. ]

Biosource Nutrition - Offers nutrition, weight loss, herbs, health concern specialties, books, and equipment.
Meta Description: [ Biosource Nutrition offers vitamins, minerals, diet aids, herbs, and other nutritional supplements and accessories at substantial savings everyday ] - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbals, EFA, sports, superfoods, detox, heart support, joint support, DHEA, immune support, homeopathic remedies, and gift baskets.
Meta Description: [ Coral Calcium: Your source for Threelac, noxylane4, noxylane, pectasol, IP6, Circuflow, Colloidal Silver, Weight Loss, Antioxidants and coral calcium, advacal, circuflow, pectasol, coral calcium, progestacare, immpower, swiss kriss, moducare, almased, cell forte, hydroxycut, hgh, liquid collagen... ]

404 BodyShots Liquid Vitamins - Liquid vitamins with high absorption and effectiveness.
Meta Description: [ High absorption liquid vitamins from BodyShots ] - Offers general health, sports, weight loss, essential oils, and specialty products from Solaray, Enzymatic Therapy, Twinlab and others.
Meta Description: [ provides great prices on nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs, and more, with extremely fast Priority shipping, which is free on orders over $50. People come for the prices, and return for the service. ]

California Academy of Health - Provides proprietary noni, acai, goji, and mangosteen juice, plus nutrition, bodybuilding, diet, weight loss, and detox products.
Meta Description: [ Direct provider (Wholesale and Retail) of nutritional supplements and specializing in noni juice, goji juice, goji berries, acai juice, mangosteen juice, liquid vitamins and herbal remedies. ]

Canadian Vitamin Depot - Sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, weight loss, heath concern specialties, skin care, and eye care products.
Meta Description: [ Canadian Vitamin Depot offers Canada's best prices on Glucosamine, MSM, Creatine, Health Supplements, Oil of Oregano, chondroitin, Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin E, silicea gel, florasil, flora essence, spirulina, essiac, and other quality natural health products. ]

Canadian Vitamin Shop - Offers vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, essential oils, homeopathic, sports, amino acids, body care, pet products and other specialties.
Meta Description: [ Vitamins, herbal remedies and nutritional supplements from The Vitamin Shop - Canada's premier nutritional supplement dispensary - since 1984. ] - Offers vitamins, mineral, herbs, sports, essential oils, joint supports, men's and women's products, homeopathic, cleansing and detox products. Greens Enzyme Products Essential Oils
Meta Description: [ Welcome to Canadian Vitamins your On-line source for quality supplements and nutrition! We are committed to offering you the highest quality supplements at great prices.All our prices are in Canadian dollars and your orders are secure and backed by a company that has been serving Canadians for 30... ]

Cancer Nutrition Centers of America - Offers herbal and nutritional dietary supplements designed to provide immune system support with maximum absorption.
Meta Description: [ Only from CNCA, our ultra-pure dietary supplements are designed by nutritional experts for premium quality. Reap the health benefits of our vitamins and natural herbal products. ]

Carn-Aware - A nutritional supplement consisting of L-Carnosine, Zinc, and Vitamin E.

Central Avenue Pharmacy - Offers men's, women's, Sam-e, health concern formulations, weight loss, energy, and herbal products, plus prescription pharmacy services.
Meta Description: [ CAPRx is a pharmacy that provides a wide selection of natural vitamins & supplements. ]

Child Life - Offers allergy, digestion, fatty acid, and immune system formulas especially designed for children.

Choice Health - A complete health store outlet also offering low-carb gluten-free products.
Meta Description: [ Choice Health Vitamin, Herb and Supplement Specialists. More than 250 Premier Gluten-Free grocery and frozen food products. ]

Christian Body - Offers vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and clothing articles with company logo.
Meta Description: [ Christian Body Migraine Defense ]

Clearwater Herbs - Offering vitamins, minerals, herbs, cleansing products, health condition specialties, books and videos.
Meta Description: [ Discover how to live healthy and disease-free! Clearwater Herbs presents books and natural remedies by Dr. Hulda Clark, author of Cure For All Cancers, Cure For All Diseases, Cure For HIV/AIDS, and more. ]

Club Natural - Sells nutrition, herbs, brain and memory enhancer, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ vinpocetine is a great memory enhancer made by clubnatural which Vinpocetine improves blood flow to the brain, makes it easier for the brain to use glucose, oxygen and allows the brain to survive longer and better after periods of oxygen deprivation. ]

Cooper Complete Vitamins - Health offering of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, includes supplements, apparel, equipment, books and kits.
Meta Description: [ We provide a range of multivitamins, minerals, iron & nutritional supplements, health and fitness products for women. Use our nutritional products like omega3, calcium citrate, iron supplement, sports supplements, CoEnzyme Q10 and so on. ]

CWD Health Shoppe - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, personal care, and homeopathic products, plus books and CDs.
Meta Description: [ CWD Health Shoppe is Canada's leading online supplier of vitamins, herbal supplements and other healthy living products. ]

D J Online Enterprises, Inc. - Offers fitness and yoga supplies, kitchen appliances, and nutritional supplements.
Meta Description: [ Ultimate Nourishment features free shipping at discount prices on nutritional equipment such as juicers, sprouters, and soy milk makers. Yoga equipment and meditation furniture for finding your center. And products for nutrition and weight gain. ]

Deloris Carol's House of Herbs - Sells nutrition, herbs, teas, alternative products, weight loss, and books.

Discount Vitamin Shop, Inc. - Offers nutrition, weight loss, health concern specialties, beauty, herbs, men's and women's health products.
Meta Description: [ discount vitamins, discount vitamin shop, discount, herbs, vitamins, supplements, nutritional, Solgar, Now, Solaray, Renewlife ]

Discount Vitamins And Herbs - Distributor of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements.
Meta Description: [ discount vitamins and minerals, vitamin supplements, nutritional herbal, quality brand name supplements at great prices. Research and shop at our convenient on-line discount store. ]

Doctor's Choice Health Products - Offers Biofreeze, Biotics Research, and Natural Calm products.
Meta Description: [ Doctor shares FREE advice on health. Natural solutions to common health problems. Exclusive pharmaceutical quality nutritional supplements by Biotics and Natural Vitality including Natural Calm, Biomulti Plus, Hydrozyme, Biofreeze. ]

Doctor's Trust Vitamins - Covers general health, weight loss, sports and speciaties with a long list of manufacturers.

Dr. Dave's Best - Offers nutritional supplements, tutorials, low stress living, and secrets revealed about anti-aging.
Meta Description: [ Pharmaceutical grade fish oil and how these compounds can benefit you. expert advice on anti-aging from famous medical doctor, Dr Dave Woynarowski. ]

Dynatek Products, Inc. - Vitamin and dietary supplement products from brand name producers.
Meta Description: [ We specialize in nutritional health products including; vitamins, fat burners, dietary, herbal and body building supplements as well as offering sports nutrition information for men, women & children. ]

eINC Corporation - Sells nutritional supplements, oral care products, and herbal extracts.
Meta Description: [ eINC oral breath fresheners, liquid mints, confectionery, gummy candy, gummi candy, lollipop, fruit candy, mint, mints, spearmint, lemon, citrus, orange flavor/flavors/flavored breath fresheners.. ]

Energit Vitamins - Sells easy to absorb, chewable multi-vitamins, antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C.

Euphorx - Offers a natural vitamin and herbal supplement billed as an anti-depression product.
Meta Description: [ Euphorx,A Natural Anti-depressant Supplement with a Metabolic Enhancer ]

Evergreen Nutrition - Offers premium natural vitamins, minerals, nutritional dietary supplements, homeopathic and herbal remedies, and health books.

Family Vitamin - Sells nutrition, herbals, and health concern specialties. - Offers general health, homeopatic remedies, men's and women's products, sports and fitness, anti-aging, hormones, and herbal specialties.
Meta Description: [ Men's health products, women's health products, buy vitamin supplements online. for all your health product needs including sexual health supplements. ]

Find Supplements - Sells Twinlab, Natrol and Rainbow Light nutrition, beauty, herbs, weight control, and fitness products.
Meta Description: [ Buy Vitamins, Herbs, Supplements and Nutritional Products at the Low Prices.We offer high quality products. ]

Fitness First USA - Specializes in sports, fitness, weight loss, with broad selection of general health.
Meta Description: [ Offers bodybuilding, weightlifting, weightloss, health and fitness nutritional supplements. Best Brands MuscleTech, BSN, Fizogen, Prolab and more. ] - Diet pills, muscle builders, vitamins, herbs and more nutritional supplements.
Meta Description: [ Sports Nutrition muscle building proteins and more supplements! ]

500 Forever Women - Offers nutrition, personal care, weight loss, and various health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ We provide women with access to free information on eating right, exercise, fitness, health, nutrition, weight loss, and vitamins. We offer the ability to order products such as vitamins and minerals from some of the best suppliers in the United States. ]

Fortius Natural Nutrition - Canadian manufacturer offers whey protein, cholesterol, joint support, menopause, meal replacement, and sexual enhancement products; also sells animal nutrition.

Fubao Health Store - Offers a full health store range of products listed by manufacturer.

General Nutrition Companies, Inc. - Offers vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements, health and beauty items, and weight loss products. Provides nutrition recommendations, resources, and company profile.
Meta Description: [ Shop GNC for vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet and energy, and health and beauty products at ]

Genesis Wheatgrass - Offers nutritional supplements, formulated, mineralized soil, plus wheatgrass seeds, wheatgrass juicer, and books on the topic.
Meta Description: [ Grow Genesis Wheatgrass at home. Certified Organic. Organic wheatgrass seed and organic Genesis Wheatgrass soil. Wheatgrass Kits, Growing supplies, Wheat Grass Juicers. Benefit of Wheatgrass Juice information. Free! How to Grow Wheatgrass. ]

Global Health and Beauty - Sells nutritional supplements, beauty products, oral health, and exercise equipment.
Meta Description: [ Health weight loss fitness wellness nutrition and antiaging supplements ]

Good 4 All - Offers anti-aging, essential oils, beauty products, joint support, energy, sports, mental clarity, men's and women's specialties.

Great Priced Vitamins - Offers full line of nutrition, herbs, weight loss, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Nutrition at Great Priced Vitamins. Your source for vitamins, kosher vitamins, herbs and minerals ]

Great Pumpkin Corporation - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs and formulas for a variety of health problems.
Meta Description: [ Great Pumpkin Nutrition is your ultimate source for high quality nutritional supplements. We take pride in offering you products with the finest ingredients including Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Health Specific Formulas and much more. We are dedicate ]

Grow Wheatgrass - Offers equipment, seed, and instructions to grow wheatgrass at home, plus wheatgrass information and articles.
Meta Description: [ Our wheatgrass sprouters take the problems out of growing wheatgrass at home for wheatgrass juice so you can stay healthy and save money. ]

H and N Herbs - Offers nutritional, herbal, and health concern specialty products.
Meta Description: [ YOU DESERVE QUALITY PRODUCTS AND H&N HERBS HAS AN OBLIGATION TO DELIVER THEM H&N HERBS offers a revolutionary WEIGHT LOSS supplement XcessTrim (with Super CitriMax) that is all natural and ephedra free. H&N HERBS' diet formula contains ingredients proven to assist weight management. Super Citri... ]

H Bees - Offers nutrition herbs, homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies, beauty, sports, fitness, and health concern formulations.
Meta Description: [ offers premium brand name vitamins, sports supplements, natural foods, skin care, beauty products, home gadgets, sporting goods, and more. ]

Healing Formulas - Offers combinations of pills containing vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients designed to trigger the body's healing mechanisms.
Meta Description: [ Healing Formulas are combinations of pills containing vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients designed to trigger your body’s healing mechanisms. Each formula targets specific metabolic pathways. ]

Healing Naturals - Offers nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, aromatherapy, books, teas, and natural body care products.

Health and Fitness News - Offer health concern specialties, weight loss, and sexual performance products.

Health Basket - Offers a selection of items. Located in Australia but delivers worldwide.
Meta Description: [ offers thousands of products and hundreds of top brands. Your Complete Source for Health Products from Aromatherapy to Vitamins and Herbs ]

Health By Heidi - Offers beauty products, weight loss, health concern remedies, and general nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Featuring discounted specialized vitamins and nutritional supplements 20% to 40% below retail. High quality to insure best absorption. Specialized natural skin care & wrinkle reduction. , Featuring discounted specialized vitamins and nutritional supplements 20% to 40% below retail. High quality t... ]

Health Marketplace - Sells nutrition, herbs, weight loss, beauty, women's and a variety of health concern supplements.
Meta Description: [ is dedicated to providing the highest quality health products available at great everyday prices! Our huge line of supplements include Vitamins, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss Products, Natural herbal remedy, and much more. ]

HealthDesigns International - Offers a wide variety of supplements, plus books and equipment.
Meta Description: [ Metagenics and other leading nutritional products. Free shipping offers. Secure and convenient online ordering. Same day shipping! Nutritional test tells you what your body needs. Nutritional products for men, women, children. Free tests. ]

Healthy Days Online - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight loss, and a variety of health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ vitamin and mineral supplements from brand name vitamin suppliers such as Solgar, NOW, Solaray, TwinLab, Enzymatic Therapy, KAL, Nature's Way, Nature's Plus, Barleans, Action Labs, Alacer, Natural Max, Natural Treasures, Naturally Vitamins, Nature's Life, Premier One, Schiff, Source Naturals, Tre... ]

Healthy Living Now - Offers healthy living products from Dee Cee Labs and Biotics Research.
Meta Description: [ Healthy Living Now is dedicated to providing high quality healthy living products at reasonable prices. ]

Herbal Care Direct - Offering products such as antioxidant greens, antiaging skin cream, msm joint care cream, cleansing, beauty products, and metabolism boost.
Meta Description: [ Natural herbal supplements at direct to consumer prices. ]

Herbs For Living - Offers herbal supplements, nutrition, probiotics, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ is dedicated to provide the highest quality and best prices of Herbal life supplements. Save up to 40% off retail prices! ]

High Level Wellness - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, specialty formulations, and books.

Holistic Enterprises - Offers MSM supplements, dietary supplements, raw foods, MSM lotions, all natural skin care products, juicers, and air purifiers. - Offers nutrition, herbs, health concern specialties, weight loss, home testing kits, books and equipment.
Meta Description: [ is the site for natural herbs, nutritional vitamins, and supplements. Nutrients and supplements for all healing needs, arthritis, herbal remedies for diet help. ]

Indium for Life - Offers an Indium product, plus multi-vitamin/mineral, superfood, antler velvet, and the ADR system (equipment).
Meta Description: [ indium, shilajit, trace minerals, vitamins, Velvet Antler, anti-aging, life extension, indium sulfate, supplement, increased energy, ADR ceramics, Mezotrace, Cytolog, colostrum ]

Innate Source - Offers nutrition, herbals, weight loss, and a variety of health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Innate Source - Natural Products for Health & Home. Specializing in whole food supplements, wellness products, natural skin care and body care, and natural sunscreens and sun block lotions. ]

Insight Wellness Center - A mind-body healthcare company that provides client-centered methods to manage stress, plus offers supplements and enzyme therapy.
Meta Description: [ Insight Wellness Center provides products such as digestive enzymes, oil of oregano, north american herb and spice, herbal detox, detox programs, soy coffee, teeccino, eeg biofeedback, freeze framer, enzyme therapy, cleansing program ]

Karen's Health Foods - With all the latest in vitamins and herbal supplements, health foods and homeopathic medicines for a healthy life style.
Meta Description: [ Vitamins, Vitamin Supplements, Herbs & Nutritional Supplements at Karens Health Food Store. Karens Health Food Store, for your Vitamin, Herbs & Supplement needs. ]

LAVitamin - Offers vitamins, herbs, natural food and supplements. Shopping pages are presented in 2 languages - Chinese and English.
Meta Description: [ 洛城健康食品網只賣高品質主流健康食品,上萬種營養保健品以最低的價格提供給台灣香港和中國大陸的客戶們. ]

Life Extension Nutrition Center - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight loss, health concern specialties, equipment, books, and personal care products.
Meta Description: [ HealthyLifespan, the official website of the Life Extension Nutrition Center, dedicated to scientific methods to achieve healthy aging. ]

Life Extension Vitamin Supplies, Inc. - Find bodycare products, brain enhancers, and products to increase strength and endurance.

Life's Vigor Health and Beauty - Selection of vitamins, supplements, and herbs, as well as antioxidants, homeopathic medicines and remedies, natural cosmetics, and sports supplements.
Meta Description: [ At, we offer a wide selection of top selling, brand name products that support healthy lifestyles. Our categories include vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, bath and body care, sports nutrition, diet and anti-aging products, homeopathy and aromatherapy, pet products, solution ... ]

LifeWise - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, special formulations in most categories, and books.
Meta Description: [ LifeWise Naturals Vitamins; 100% Guaranteed nutritional supplements. Your source for vitamin supplements and herbal supplements dietary supplements medicinal herb antioxidants vitamins and minerals. ] - Sells anti-aging, weight loss, diet, pets, personal care, hygeine, beauty and sexual enhancement products.
Meta Description: [ Antiaging GHR15 & GHR Gold Growth Hormone Releaser, Discounts on Burts Bees Products, Bust Plus, Viacreme, Zotrin, HGH15, Carbolife Gold, Carbolife Ultra Carb Blocker and other Weight Loss Supplements at 10-60% off Retail. ]

Living A Healthier Life - Offers books, test kits and supplements relating to acid alkaline and pH balance.
Meta Description: [ Living A Healthier Life a leader in acid alkaline and pH balance featuring Coral Calcium, pH test kit, numerous alternative health products, information, the secret, secret DVD ]

Lyons Protein - Offers general nutrition, bodybuilding, herbs, weight loss, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ is unlike any other performance supplement site because it was actually created to help you reach your fitness goals. You will not be simply sold a product and then forgotten. Further, you are always welcome to call and speak with a live indivdual interested in helping you. ]

Maggie's Cottage - Natural and organic oils, soaps, vitamins, and herbs.
Meta Description: [ Earth friendly, natural and organic health products and beauty products are offered at MaggiesCottage. We carry natural vitamins, essential oils, massage oil, natural soap, natural liquid soap, herbs, homeopathic, oral hygiene, bath salts, bath oil, shower gel, body lotions & creams, deodorant, ... ]

Medical - Offers nutrition, herbals, pain relief, weight loss, anti-aging, skin care, quit smoking, sleep aids, kidney and health concern remedies.
Meta Description: [ Great Sales on vitamins, dietary supplements, herbs, pain relief remedies, women's care, men's care, children's care, senior's care, diabetes care, weight loss, anti-aging, skin care, anti-smoking, sleep aids, kidney, urinary, colon, heart, mental, and much more... ]

Mega Nutrition - Vitamin, herb, nutritional, dietary, sports and bodybuilding supplement site.
Meta Description: [ nutritional supplements, nutrition, weight loss, body building, vitamins, bodybuilding, weight loss supplements, diet, alternative medicine, anti-aging, skin care, beauty and health products at deeply discounted prices. ]

Meltdown - Information on how tissue minerals affect the body and the emotions. Cookbook and ezine. Diet and nutrition information.
Meta Description: [ Welcome to the do-it-yourself health store. We are here to help you with your health problems. ]

500 Midwest Natural Healing - A holistic nurse offers consultation services and a complete supplement offering featuring Pure Encapsulations.

500 Millennium Health Resources, Inc. - Nutritional supplements to promote health and treat candidiasis, heart, cholesterol, prostate, menopause, and anti-aging.

Mister GreenGenes Online Nutrition Center - A place where you can securely order supplements that work at discount online or toll free by phone.
Meta Description: [ The best natural supplements at great prices shipped to you fast! Ultra secure transactions. Money back guarantee! ]

Mother Nature's Vitamins - Vitamins, herbs, and sports nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Diet and Energy Supplements, from Mother Nature's Nutrition. We specialize in herbal energy boosters, healthy weight loss supplements, sexual stamina products, and more. Shop online for Diet and Energy Supplements, herbal energy boosters, healthy weight loss supplements, and sexual stamina produc... ], Inc. - Operates online retail store and offers information source for vitamins, supplements, minerals and other natural and healthy living products.
Meta Description: [ Natural Products. Healthy Advice. * Up To 50% Off * Since 1995 ] - Offers Aangamik DMG, Natural Estrogen, Prenatal Vitamins, Carbohydrate Blockers, Sleep Aids, and other supplements.

My Vitanet - An online shopping and information service providing information and pharmaceutical-grade products.
Meta Description: [ offers nutritional and health products including vitamins, bodybuilding products, supplements, and much more at low discount rates. ]

MyVits Health Center - Sells nutrition, herbs, homeopathy remedies, weight loss, sports, and health concern products.

Natural Health Direct - Sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, antioxidants, superfoods, men's and women's products, skin and hair care, weight loss, gifts, books, safe electronics, and other specialties.
Meta Description: [ Health Products : - HealthWise OxyMin Vital Greens Bulk Buy Skin Care Musashi Spec.Treatments Organic Products Dr Sandra Cabot Vital Health Products Electronic Health Devices Essential Fatty Acids Men's Health Dr Hulda Clark Immune Support Women's Health Antiaging Solutions Colloidal Minerals N... ]

Natural Health Labs - Manufacturers of a variety of health and nutritional supplements, meal replacement products, and weight loss aids.
Meta Description: [ Natural Health Labs ]

Natural Options Corp. - Offers sports, weight loss, antioxidants, men's, women's, HGH, multi-vitamin and mineral, joint support, herbals, and hormone products.
Meta Description: [ Buy direct from our official web store for extra security purposes and product quality guarantee. Natural option Corp ]

Natural Solutions - Healthcare products and services, including virtual visits with a licensed Naturopathic Physician. We will teach you what to take, when to take it and how much to take.
Meta Description: [ Natural Solutions, natural products and answers to maintain your health and vitality ]

Natural Ways To Health - Nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine sales and information.
Meta Description: [ Natural Ways To Health provides applied nutritional research, guidance for common health challenges, and access to organic, nutrient rich superfoods and nutritional supplements to support individuals in taking responsibility for their own health. ]

Natural Women's Health and Nutrition - Offering herbal remedies and nutritional products addressing smoking, weight loss, libido, PMS, and fitness.
Meta Description: [ Natural health products and nutrition supplements for women and men by Advanced Health and Nutrition, LLC: Offering Smoke Away, CortiSlim, TrimSpa X32, Supreme Greens and more ] - Offers general health, weight loss, immune support, herbals, joint supports, and other specialties.
Meta Description: [ NaturalGreens.Com: pharmaceutical grade health supplements and vitamins for your genuine natural inner strength since 2001. ]

NaturaPlus - Natural health information resources and name brand natural products from Canada.
Meta Description: [ Natural vitamins, herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy, diet and sports supplements, natural cosmetics. Holistic health information resources. Save 30-50% and taxes. Order easily today from Canada! ]

Nature's Balance - Professional grade nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other alternative medicine health solutions.

Nature's Benefit, Inc. - Offers a variety of nutritional and herbal products.
Meta Description: [ Welcome to Natures Benefit, Inc., your indispensable source of physician formulated dietary supplements backed by science. ]

Nature's Fare Natural Foods - Offers general nutrition, sports, alternative medicine, herbs, weight loss, dietary products, and superfoods.
Meta Description: [ Shop Nature's Fare for Vitamins Canada. Order discount vitamins, sports supplements, low carb products.. Quality products, free shipping within Canada. Natures Fare, Vernon, BC, Canada ]

Nature's Finest Market Place - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbals and complete assortment of specialties. Broad brand offering.

Nature's First Law - Resources and products for organic or raw food diets.
Meta Description: [ WWW.SUNFOOD.COM -- the world's Internet guide to a raw-food diet. ]

Nature's Health Shoppe - Discounted vitamins and nutritional supplements.
Meta Description: [ discount vitamins, minerals, health and nutritional supplements, wellness and fitness products ]

Nature's Healthy Essentials - Offers supplement providing needed servings of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Meta Description: [ Fresh from an orchard and market garden! ]

Nature's Nutrition Store - Discount vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional supplements and health products. Online nutritional consultations. Newsletter.(CDN)
Meta Description: [ Shop online for discount brand name vitamins, minerals, herbs and hard to find nutritional supplements at (Canada). Secure ordering. Delivered to your door. Alternative medicine newsletter ]

Natures Hospital - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight loss, health concern specialties, and massage equipement.
Meta Description: [ Natures Hospital offers pure, natural, nutritional food supplements and herbs, with healing clinics to help improve health and performance. ]

New England Nutritives - Offering a variety of supplemental products for nutrition and weight loss.
Meta Description: [ New England Nutritives® is a nutritional company located in the heart of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. We are a wholesale and retail business. ]

New Life Chiropractic Clinic - Dr. Harvey provides information about chiropractic and nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Improve you and your family’s health. This site is designed to give you a wealth of information about health care as well as educate you about Chiropractic and alternative health care. ]

New Vitality - Sells Ruby Reds colon and body cleanse, Royal greens, Beta Prostate, bee pollen aloe vera juice and Green Tea Plus.
Meta Description: [ - Original vitamins from new vitality's health and nutrition research from New Vitality's top spokespeople plus shop New Vitality's products including Ruby Reds colon and body cleanse royal greens beta prostate potentiated bee pollen aloe vera juice and green tea plus ]

North American Nutrition - Offering flax seed information, starter kits, seed products, and book on the topic.
Meta Description: [ Premium Flax seed; Farm Fresh Golden Flax seed just tastes better! Whole Flaxseed & Ground Flaxseed ON SALE! Our Flax seed is guaranteed 100% FRESH for up to 3 years, no questions asked! For the Health of it, order Nature's Gem Premium Omega3 Gold Flaxseed today., Flax Seed Benefits at Golde`. Yo... ] - Name brand selections of nutritional supplements.
Meta Description: [ - Discount Vitamins and nutritional supplements at up to 50% off retail. Great variety, great service, even greater prices! Shop for the best vitamins and nutritional supplements at the best prices!. ]

Nutraceutics - Offers a variety of proprietary nutritional supplements, sexual enhancement, beauty, and anti-aging products.

NutraCompute - Offers program to analyze blood for deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and hormones, and provides supplements for specific nutritional needs.
Meta Description: [ Our supplement line is composed of a wide range of vitamins and minerals ]

NutraPerfect, Inc. - Formulator and Supplier of EnzyPerfect, VitaPerfect, Ellagic Acid, and GlucoPerfect.
Meta Description: [ NutraPefect formulates and supplies the public with the finest nutritional and dietary supplements on earth. ]

NutraZone - Specializing in starch blockers, carb blockers, fat burners, ephedrine, cellulite, ultra carb, whey protein, stamina-rx, xenadrine efx, stamina rx, myoplex, chitosan, ultimate hgh, protien shakes and ultracarb.
Meta Description: [ Starch Blockers: Specializing in carb blockers, fat burners, ephedrine, cellulite, ultra carb, whey protein, stamina-rx, xenadrine efx, stamina rx, myoplex, chitosan, ultimate hgh, protien shakes, and ultracarb ]

Nutri-Balance - Site sells vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and herbs at 25% below retail.
Meta Description: [ Discount Health Store : We sell vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and herbs and more ]

Nutriglow - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight loss, sports, beauty, and health concern products.
Meta Description: [ Nutriglow supplements, vitamins, alternative and homeopathic remedies, and bodycare products. ] - Name brand health food supplements and specialty foods.
Meta Description: [ Healthfood provider ]

NutriSupplies - Sells vitamins, minerals, supplements and USP grade raw materials.

Nutrition 2000 - Offers nutrition, herbs, health concern specialties, equipment, books and videos.
Meta Description: [ Nutritional Supplements targeting Cancer and other Health Issues ]

Nutrition Discounters, Inc. - Brand name vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Since 1992, one of the largest selections in nutrition supplements, vitamins, and muscle-building sports nutrition at discount prices! EAS, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, MuscleTech and Protein Powder! ]

Nutrition Express - Offers sports nutrition and body building products, vitamins, herbs, diet products, whey protein, soy protein, bars, and creatine.

Nutrition Online Inc. - Offering nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs and minerals for your good health and nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Nutrition On-Line - nutritonal supplements, vitamins, herbs & minerals for your good health & nutrition. We offer a variety of excellent products specifically formulated to maintain maximum health. ]

Nutrition Planet Online Shopping - Discount supplements and performance nutrition products like EAS, Prolab, Muscletech, Labrada, and Twinlab.
Meta Description: [ Online Shopping offers low prices and great deals on discount supplements and performance nutrition products like EAS, Labrada, Muscletech, Met-Rx and Twinlab ]

Nutritions of Nutritions - Offers nutritional health products and supplements including vitamins, herbal supplements and fat burners.
Meta Description: [ glyconutrients fiber isopure acetyl l carnitine aloe vera hdl lecithin ]

Nutrivera Naturals - Offers nutrition, herbs, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ NutriVera Naturals' goal is to provide life changing, life enhancing, natural supplements at affordable prices. We specialize in formulas that are combinations of nutrients that target specific needs, and we also provide single herbs and vitamins. ]

Nutriwonders - Offers nutritional supplements and specialty products including piracetam/Nootropil, RNA, lithium, books, software, and Shaw, Shallenberger and Lieberman Formulae.
Meta Description: [ NutriWonders has the worlds finest nutritional products, vitamin products and supplement products, each based on the latest clinical research. These products have been recommended by leading doctors and trusted by thousands of discerning consumers worldwide to help them live healthy, vital, str... ]

Nutrophy - Offers nutrition, herbal remedies, anti-aging, male and female, and beauty products. - This site has a special selection of nutraceutical products including special herbal formulations.

OmegaPure - Offers Omega 3 fish oil capsules.
Meta Description: [ Fish oil, a direct source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, is available for use as an ingredient in a variety of foods and beverages. ]

On-Nutrition Ltd. - Natural, organic and GMO-free health supplements, organic energy foods, weight loss and sexual health products.
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One Life USA - Offers vitamins (including kosher), minerals, herbals, antioxidants, anti-aging, cardiovascular, energy, men's, women's, weight loss, cleansing, and personal care products.
Meta Description: [ Nutritional supplements, natural vitamins & antioxidants manufactured to standards of excellence inspired by our founder, a cancer survivor. Her pledge to customers ahead of profits has created a trusted brand of discount vitamins; OneLifeUSA. ]

One Source - Offers liquid vitamins and minerals manufactured by Awaken Nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Buy Liquid Vitamins that absorb in your body. Liquid Vitamins are the best liquid vitamins available without the multilevel marketing hassle! ]

Only Natural, Online - Natural-multi-vitamins-minerals, health and fitness,weight loss, diet and body building, anti-oxidants.
Meta Description: [ Supplier of vitamins, noni, noni juice, horny goat weed, apple cider vinegar, pumpink seed extract, nutritional dietary supplements. ]

Organix Natural Health - Retailer of nutritional supplements, herbals, aromatherapy and other natural products.
Meta Description: [ Alternative health remedies available with our There Neem lotion, and other TheraNeem products along with TheraVeda, Newton Homeopathics with detoxifiers and Bach Flower Essences available. ]

OxyMin - Offers a range of supplements: disease prevention, anti aging and chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, and psoriasis.
Meta Description: [ The OxyMin® Range of supplements offers products focused on increasing oxygen and minerals in the diet to help combat disease and promote healthful longevity., ]

500 Ozark Vitamins - Offering joint support and calcium supplements.
Meta Description: [ Health Supplements: Your source for health products, natural products, nutritional supplements, Coral Calcium, MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin,Happy Joints, Happy Joints plus, vitamins, alternative medicine, hgh, MSM, glucosamine, herbal remedies, health products, nutritional supplements ]

Pam's Picks - Nutritional, herbal and vitamin supplements
Meta Description: [ Pam’s Picks, your honest source to natural health products for both you and your pet. Twenty years experience in the Health Food Industry ]

500 Panacea Labs - Sells a MicroComplexed dietary supplement containing organic liquid vitamins and minerals; vegan and ultra hypoallergenic.

Peggy's Health - Offers weight loss, women's products, sexual enhancements, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Discount nutritional supplements and vitamins. Featuring GH-3, Meditropin, Immpower, Immutol, Phyto B, L-Tryptophan ]

Performance Labs, Inc. - Offers herbal formulas and acid-neutralizing calcium under brand names Vitalert, GarliMax, CardioMax, ImmuniMax, RelaxMax and AcidFree.

pH ion Nutrition - Offers supplements, testing strips, books and information for pH balancing the body.

Phoenix For Your Health - Vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements.
Meta Description: [ Vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements at wholesale prices to the public. Including Enzymatic Therapy, Solaray, Medicine Woman, and others. ]

Pillmart - Pillmart is a nutraceutical company offering coral calcium, weight loss and sexual enhancement products.
Meta Description: [ Created to provide organic, natural products to meet the needs of people with health problems. ]

Pinnacle - Specializing in bodybuilding products, but also offering weight management, men's, women's, vitamins, herbs, and specialties.

Preventics, Inc. - Offers vitamins and herbal supplements. Includes nutritional advice from Dr. David Beaulieu.

Prime Health Dietary Supplements - Nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal, news, science, weight management, anti-aging, alternative health, and free product offers.
Meta Description: [ A leading health directory and resource of health products, health services and health information. ] - Offers proteins, meal replacement, sports, sexual enhancers, fat burners, creatine, and HGH. - Large selection of vitamin and mineral products.

Puritan's Pride - Offers complete selection of vitamins, minerals, herbals, sports, EFA, bee products, shark products, meal replacement, joint support, and many specialties.
Meta Description: [ Puritan's Pride Vitamins: discount vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements from Puritan's Pride. Puritan's Pride is your first choice for quality vitamins and supplements. ]

Puritan's Pride - Offers nutritional, herbal, weight loss, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Puritan's Pride Vitamins: discount vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements from Puritan's Pride. Puritan's Pride is your first choice for quality vitamins and supplements. ]

Purity Products - Offers supplements, equipment, and a selection of books.
Meta Description: [ Hyaluronic Acid at . Your source for vitamin supplements, hyaluronic serum, omega 3 fatty acid and multivitamin ]

QCI Nutritionals - Providing professionally-designed dietary supplements, at reasonable prices, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, flavonoids, herbs, botanicals, and accessory supplements.
Meta Description: [ natural dietary supplements, natural health products and vitamin therapy products by QCI Nutritionals and Dr. Michael Janson, M.D. ] - Sells nutrition, weight loss, pain products, health concern specialties, sexual enhancement, and beauty products.

Real Health Laboratories, Inc. - Offer health concern remedies, nutrition, beauty, and herbs.
Meta Description: [ Scientifically formulated nutritional supplements designed for your good health. Produced in the USA under the strictest standards and backed by our 100% guarantee. ] - Offers vitamins, herbs, minerals, and supplements.
Meta Description: [ Ripple Creek has the Vitamin Mineral and Nutritional Supplements you need for supporting a healthy body, at low cost, like our new PURACLEAR Body Cleaning formulas for eliminating toxins the natural way. ]

Robert Jordan Nutritionals - Offers proprietary nutritional supplements including multi-vitamin and mineral packets, digestive enzymes and herbal supplements.
Meta Description: [ Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins, Vitamin Packets, Antioxidants, and Other Quality Supplements at Value Prices! ]

Rockbottom Nutrition - Sells Vitamins, minerals, herbs, joint support, sports, weight loss, and many other specialties.

Roesch's Natural Foods - Online health food store, products include herbs, vitamins, and juicers.
Meta Description: [ The Better Market, formerly Roeschs Natural Food, is an Ohio Health Food Store, OH Health Food Store, and an Online Health Food located in Geneva, OH. The Health Food Store has a large selection of health food such as: herbs, including bulk herbs, vitamins & minerals and supplements and more in ... ]

Rose Garden Nutrition Vitamin Outlet - Offers proprietary nutrition, herbs, weight loss, and health concern formulations.
Meta Description: [ Manufacturer direct source of vitamins, minerals, herbs, food supplements, vitality products, and weight loss aides. ]

Ross Home Delivery - Ships to the door setup ensure, similac, pedialyte, and health source.
Meta Description: [ Ross Home Delivery -- Shop online from a large selection of high-quality adult and pediatric nutritionals including Similiac, Similac NeoSure, Isomil, Pedialyte, PediaSure, Ensure, Glucerna, Nepro, Juven, and Zoneperfect bars. Sponsored by the Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories. ]

Sanavive - Markets Cool Relief for joint health, and antioxidant fruit and vegetable capsules.
Meta Description: [ Nature's Healthy Essentials Fruits and Vegetables Supplement and Soothing Relief with CFA for joint pain. ]

Santurel Inter - Offers vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ De fabrikant van natuurlijke producten die de gezondheid verbeteren. ]

Save On Supplements - Includes meal replacements, protein and power bars, energy and diet products.

500 Sea- Health Imports - Online store that is the only US distributor for Seagreens nutritional supplements. - Family owned and operated vitamin store.
Meta Description: [ Seacoast Vitamins - the vitamins store that provides quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, and all your nutritional supplement needs at everday low prices. Free health information. ]

Spinelli's Nutrition Center - Offers sports, general health, weight loss, meal replacement, herbs, beauty, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Discount supplements - Comparison charts, articles, supplements and more. Get in shape, improve your health ]

Spirit of Healing - About detoxification and cleansing in body. Offers broad range of nutrition, herbs, specialty supplements, and books.
Meta Description: [ Spiritofhealing Health Products And Services ] - Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, and Sports Nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Enzymedica, Vitalzym, Nordic Naturals, Pure Essence Labs, Vitalzyme, Hgh Extreme, Youthful Essentials, Nature's Way, Lifetime, Doctor's Best, Boomi Bars and more. Free shipping and volume discounts! ]

Steve Clark ND - Offers nutrition, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Steve Clark, ND, a licensed naturopath offering treatment suggestions for constipation, diarrhea, stress, hypertension and adrenal fatigue. Supplements by Steve Clark, ND offers a broad range of high quality supplements, vitamins, and minerals from manufacturers such as Pure Encapsulation, Wise W... ]

Stop Aging Now, Inc. - Offers the Jean Carper line of nutritional supplements.
Meta Description: [ Jean Carper & Stop Aging Now: Your trusted source for Nutritional Anti-Aging Information, Supplements & Anti Aging Products for a healthier, longer life. ]

Sunburst Biorganics - Offers natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary supplements.
Meta Description: [ Sunburst Buy discount vitamins, nutritional supplements, diet supplements, minerals, herbs, diet and weight loss supplements and other health products from Sunburst Biorganics, Vitasaver sells name brand vitamins at wholesale cost. Save Up To 91% on nutritional supplements. Stop pa... ]

Sunshine Discount Vitamins - Offering nutrition, herbs, weight loss, and a variety of health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Sunshine Discount Vitamins - Low discount prices on Now, Solgar, Solaray, Nature's Plus, Carlson, Megafood, Twinlab, Country Life, and many more! ]

Super Good Stuff - Produces and offers specialty nutritional, herbal, and health concern supplements for today's healthy lifestyle.
Meta Description: [ Super Good Stuff is a nutritional supplement supplier whose products offer relief from a variety of physical symptoms. Relief from pain, improved health, and symptom improvement have been reported from the use of herbal remedies. ]

SuperVita - Offers general health, fitness, sport, weight loss, and specialty products. Broad assortment of manufacturers.
Meta Description: [ Vitamins, Supplements, and Sports Nutrition Vitamins, Supplements, and Sports Nutrition ] - Selling vitamins and dietary supplements.
Meta Description: [ Supervits has been in the health and nutrition business for over 25 years with a primary focus on quality and value. We deliver the highest quality nutritional supplements at discount prices of 20 to 40% savings over our competitors. We feature the product MGN-3 with the lowest prices in the m... ]

Supplements Advisor - Sells general nutrition, sports, weight loss, herbals, anti-aging, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ Protein Powder, Protein Bars, Creatine, Bodybuilding Supplements, Muscletech, Nitric Oxide and Optimum Nutrition Supplements. ]

Swanson Health Products - Offers nutrition, herbs, beauty, weight loss, and homeopathic remedies.
Meta Description: [ Shop the low price leader. We deliver the best quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements at discount prices. Choose from glucosamine, red yeast rice, coq10, relora, policosanol, coconut oil, turmeric and more. ]

Tabaks - Offers proprietary general nutrition, weight loss, herbal, beauty, and health concern products.
Meta Description: [ Superior, science-based nutritional supplements that improve the quality of your life. Tabak's Health Products offers a variety of natural, herbal and dietary supplements for many health applications including joint discomfort, weight loss, appetite reduction and sexual health. ]

Tao Of Herbs - Offers herbal remedies, nutrition, health concern specialties, beauty products, weight loss and sports nutrition.
Meta Description: [ At, we offer the best selection of dietary supplement on herbs, herbal tea, minerals, vitamins, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, diet, weight loss, and get free information about herbs and vitamin supplements, alternative health, ionic, liquid, powder, capsule, bulk herb and minera... ]

TempleHealth Foods - London retailer specialising in health and wholefoods for healthy living and eating.

The Better Health Store - Offers nutrition, meal replacement, herbs, homeopathy, weight loss, and books.
Meta Description: [ Better Health Store - Health Foods, Vitamins, Diet Foods, Herbs, Supplements, Natural Cosmetics, Organic Foods, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, and More! ]

500 The Health Depot - Offers nutrition, herbs, beauty products, and homeopathic remedies.
Meta Description: [ The Health Depot offers discount and wholesale vitamins, supplements, minerals and herbs for health. ]

500 The Vitamin Lady - Lynn Hinderliter CN, LDN, provides articles on health concerns and offers a full spectum of nutrient categories using an extensive list of vendors.
Meta Description: [ Low prices on supplements, information herbs, vitamins, natural vitamins and minerals, alternative health information, The Vitamin Lady offers a personal service for the frugal vitamin buyer ]

The Vitamin Outlet - Find vitamins, herbs, amino acids, extracts, essential oils and specialty compounds.
Meta Description: [ SuperVitaminOutlet - Discount Vitamins, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements at 30% to 45% off retail ]

The Vitamin Store - Offers nutrition, homeopathic, herbs, weight loss, health concern specialties, and beauty products.
Meta Description: [ Up to 50% OFF all top brand vitamins. You'll find quality vitamins and health supplements at discount prices from The Vitamin Store. ]

The Vitamin Trader - Sells discount brand name vitamins, essential oils and homeopathic remedies.
Meta Description: [ The Vitamin Trader features brand name vitamins at discount prices. Save up to 40% off list price. No minimums ] - Offers health vitamins supplements.
Meta Description: [ Thehealthchoices offers healthy liquid vitamins, spray vitamins, minerals, liquid health supplements, diet and diabetic products. ]

TLC Nutrition - Health and weight loss news, articles, and nutritional products, including soy-based protein products, vitamins, and aloe vera.
Meta Description: [ Slim Down with TLC's Fat Loss Weight Loss Plan, Slim Down with the TLC FAT Loss Weight Loss Plan ]

Toomey Nutritionals - Offers multivitamins, minerals, prostate health, joint health, and a book about supplements.
Meta Description: [ Prexamed Prostate Health Supplement, enlarged prostate gland, prostate conditions, symptoms and treatment. ]

500 Total Body Wellness - Products for Healthier Living! BodyZone bars, vitamins, dietary supplements, weight loss programs, herbs and homopathic remedies.
Meta Description: [ Network Solutions - Original domain name registration and reservation services with variety of internet-related business offerings. Quick, dependable and reliable. ]

Total Health Discount Vitamins - Big savings on major brand vitamins, supplememnts, herbs, and ProHgh Human Growth Hormone.

Total Health Nutrients - Offering dietary supplements, cholestene, DHEA, plus books and videos.
Meta Description: [ Offering nutritional dietary supplements, cholestene, dhea and more for holistic health and wellness. ]

Trivita - Offers nutrition, herbs, women's, health concern, and beauty products.

Tropical Oasis - Sells nutrition, herbs, weight loss, and sports nutrition products.
Meta Description: [ is the Internet's premier source for liquid nutritional supplements. Tropical Oasis is one of the pioneers in the liquid nutrition industry. Due to the high absorbability of liquid nutrition, health conscious consumers choose Tropical Oa ]

TSN Labs - Sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports, weight loss, joint support, and specialties.
Meta Description: [ Your Source for Natural Alternatives. Over 4000 Natural Health and Wellness Products, including Dietary Supplements, Bulk Hebs & Teas, Vitamins etc. with a Freebie-of-the-Month so you can try a new product every month. ]

UltraPure Nutraceuticals - Offers men and women specialties, nutrition, anti-aging, sexual enhancement, weight loss, and health concern products.
Meta Description: [ Natural, highly effective nutritional supplements for women and men ]

Umeken USA - Offers herbs, vitamins, and minerals with emphasis on traditional Oriental medicine.
Meta Description: [ Traditional Oriental Health Foods made by Umeken ]

UNI KEY Health Systems - Offers the best in nutritional products for women's health, cleansing diets and hormonal balance.
Meta Description: [ UNI KEY Health Systems offers the best in diet and dietas products to aid in weight loss. Diet products endorsed by Dr.Ann Louise Gittleman. ]

Upscale Vitamins - Source for Unique and Olympian Labs brands of vitamins, minerals and herbs, plus books about fat-free diets.
Meta Description: [ is the number one source for all of your olympian labs products. ]

UU Gift Store - Offers nutrition, anti-aging, sexual performance, weight loss, gifts, beauty, and herbal products,
Meta Description: [ Home - Fish Oil, Lecithin, Melatonin, Liquid Calcium, Grape Seed Extract(OPC), Spirulina, Saw Palmetto, Placenta, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin, Ginseng, Rose Hips Oil ]

Vegetarian Vitamin - Offer vegetarian nutrition, herbs, and health concern formulations.
Meta Description: [ You can buy vegetarian/vegan suitable vitamins, supplements and herbs at our store. Strictly vegetarian/vegan vitamin products for healthy vegetarian diets. For peace of mind, buy with confidence. Discounted prices & quality service. ]

Vesta Pharmaceuticals - Source for nutritional and nutriceutical products and services.
Meta Description: [ Full service contract manufacturer of herbal, vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements. ]

VirtuVites - Offering vitamins, herbs, nutritional and dietary supplements.
Meta Description: [ discount vitamins herbs and nutritional supplements for health and fitness at near wholesale prices. Body building and Sport supplements. The best vitamins herbs and supplements. Visit our store for the lowest prices. ]

Vita Vita - Offers natural health supplements with online consultations offered. - Contains discounts on Atkins diet, Twinlab, Natrol, Nature's Way and Nature's Herbs.
Meta Description: [ Buy discount vitamins, nutritional supplements, low carb, weight loss supplements and other health products from Vitacost. Vitacost sells top brand vitamins at wholesale cost. Save 33% - 75% on every nutritional product we carry. Why are you paying retail prices? ] - Buy general nutrition, sports, weight loss, anti-aging, skin care, health concern remedies, and meal replacement.
Meta Description: [ - the Ultimate Online Supplement Store! Check out our huge selection of Vitamin Supplement, Sport Nutrition and Personal Care Products ]

VitaGanza - Offers supplements based on health concerns covering most categories, plus books, equipment, and accessories.
Meta Description: [ Specializing in discount vitamins immune-boosting supplements including beta glucan and wobenzyme. We also offering sports nutrition, discount vitamins, dietary supplements and herbal products. ] - Vitamins, supplements, Juicers.

Vital Nutrients - An online dealer of vitamins, supplements and nutrients offering toll-free telephone ordering.
Meta Description: [ I retail (mainly by telephone order) high quality nutritional products at a discount and provide free personal nutritional advice to my customers. Established 1985. ]

Vitality - Offers nutrition, weight loss, and herbs.
Meta Description: [ ]

Vitality Products, Inc. - Vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.
Meta Description: [ our goal is to continue to bring you the best vitamin and herbal supplements at the most competitive prices possible.quality, purity, and potency are our first considerations. ]

Vitamaximum - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, sports, and many specialties. Featuring Jarrow Formulas, Source Naturals, Twinlab, and Alacer.
Meta Description: [ Vitamaximum is the internet's definative source for deeply discounted vitamins, supplements, herbs, health books and other wellness research tools. We feature Jarrow Formulas, Souce Naturals ] - Offers nutritional products sorted by symptons.
Meta Description: [ We search the world of supplements, sifting through the vast numbers of formulas available to select those that are standardized and tested with enhanced absorption characteristics., ]

Vitamin Connection - Nutritional Products.
Meta Description: [ glisodin, nattokinase, biosil, tumeric, ahcc, immpower, carnosine, coleus forskohlii, cordyceps, guggul, malic acid, relora, sytrinol, maitake, reishi, schizandra, shiitake, triphala, jarrow formulas ]

Vitamin Express - Offers general health, sports, and a wide range of specialties. Large brand selection.
Meta Description: [ Best place to buy vitamins, discount prices, secure online shopping, free newsletter, nutrient news, super specials, Vitamin Express, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Berkeley. ]

Vitamin Resource - Vitamins, homeopathic remedies, books, equipment, beauty products, pet care, and Chinese medicine.
Meta Description: [ Natural weight loss products and remedies to help reduce cholesterol, boost immune system, support healthy eyes and balance blood sugar ]

404 Vitamin State - Sells nutrition, herbs, sports, beauty, weight loss, and health concern specialties. - Offers a variety of vitamins, herbs, supplements, minerals and herbal formulas.
Meta Description: [ - Vitamins, Herbs, Supplements, and Sports Nutrition Products ] - Retailer of over 7000 vitamins, herbs and nutritional products.
Meta Description: [ We are one of the largest online retailers of vitamins, herbs and nutritional products, and we carry over 7000 products. ] - Offers products for hair loss, sport nutrition, herbals, sexual problems, and nutrition.
Meta Description: [ Products for hair loss, slimming and weight loss, sport nutrition, alternative medicine, dietary supplements. Health Store. ] - Sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports, meal replacement, and weight loss.

Vitamins RX Us - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, anti-aging, sports, men's, women's, and weight loss.
Meta Description: [ ] - Buy vitamins and supplements for weight control and anti-aging.
Meta Description: [ Shop our huge selection of vitamin, nutrition, and alternative health supplements. Great prices and free shipping on orders over $99 at ]

VitaNet - Offers nutrition, herbs, weight control, and specialty supplements.
Meta Description: [ Discount Vitamins and Herbs at, VitaNet, LLC - Volume discounts available. ]

VitaSprings - Offers a large range of supplements covering most categories, plus equipment.
Meta Description: [ Vitasprings offers health supplements and natural herbal products for both men's health and women's health, including vitamins, nutritional and anti-aging supplements, diet and sports nutrition health supplements, natural personal care, health and beauty supplies. ]

500 Vitatonic - Homeopathic and complementary medicine buying advice and vitamins and herbal products.
Meta Description: [ Vitatonic is THE Internet website for Complementary Medicine, with online advice and shopping for the highest quality vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies and other food supplements. ] - Buy organic full spectrum nutrition.

VNF Nutrition - Offers product in most nutrition categories featuring a broad assortment of manufacturers.
Meta Description: [ Vnf Nutrition specializes in nutrition, vitamins, herbs, twinlab, solgar, Australian organics, enzymatic therapy, country life, arthred-g, skin-cap, new chapter, d'adamo, prevail, herbatint, macroforce, beta-glucan, mega food ]

VP Nutrition - Offers nutrition, body care, and lifestyle products, weight loss, and health concern specialties.
Meta Description: [ VP Nutrition provides premium quality health products such as fibromyalgia pain relief, digestive enzymes, coral calcium, plus other nutritional products. We have full lines of nutritional, body care, and lifestyle products including the Feeling Fit line endorsed by Harvey Diamond. ]

WebVitamins - Offers vitamins, minerals, weight loss, joint support, immune system, and other specialties. Selection of vendors.
Meta Description: [ Find Everything You Need to Support a Healthy Lifestyle at WebVitamins. WebVitamins offers the Largest Selection of Vitamins, Supplements and a huge selection of Health and Personal Care products, Diet products, Excercise and Yoga equipment, along with a variety of Organic Teas and Tea accessories. ] - Product offering covers all categories and features a broad list of manufacturers plus a proprietary line.
Meta Description: [ Nutritional Supplements at WellFX. Your source for melatonin vitamin c, garlic, ginseng, vitamin e, saw palmetto, glucosamine and echinacea, - We sell the finest quality, name brand vitamins, and supplements, herbs and herbal teas. Low prices and free shipping. Our extensive InfoBase ... ]

Wellness - Shop 24 - Sells nutritional supplements and weight management and personal products. Offered in many international currencies.
Meta Description: [ Produkte fur Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. Vitamine sind Energie und Kraft fur unsere Zellen. Mineralstoffe und Spurenelemente sind die Bausteine fur optimalen Stoffwechsel und mehr Leistung. Products for Health and Well-being. Vitamins are Energy and Strenght fot our Cells. Minerals and Trace ... ]

Western Health Products - Offers vitamins, minerals, and a wide variety of health concern formulations, plus equipment products.
Meta Description: [ Western Health Products - Your Center for Healthy Aging. ]

White Mountain Resources - Products provide vitamins, minerals, and other necessary elements to enable the body to repair, rebuild, and maintain wellness.

Whole Body Health Store - Online sales of a variety of alternative health products.

Whole Health Discount Center - A wide selection of natural health products, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, weight management, supplements and books
Meta Description: [ Whole Health Products, LLC has been providing the world with a low-cost source of top-quality natural health products via the World Wide Web since early 1997. ]

Wholesale Nutrition - Since 1970. The standard supplements, plus unique items, books and literature (both health and non-health.
Meta Description: [ While offering low-cost vitamins and health items, this unique site teaches us about: pro-life pro-choice, optical resolution, gene pool, national debt, pledge of allegiance, cloning, space colonization, life & death, the nature of the soul ]

Wonder Laboratories - Offers vitamins, minerals, herbs, personal care items, pain relievers, foot care, sleep aids, weight loss and beauty products.
Meta Description: [ Discount Vitamins at Wonder Labs. Your source for herbal supplements, nutritional products, wholesale vitamins and low cost vitamins. ]

500 Your Health Tomorrow - Offers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and specialty supplements.

YourLife Vitamins - Find out which vitamins, minerals, herbs and specialty supplements are right for you.

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