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Registry has several meanings, all of which generally relate to its original or historical meaning as a written, official or formal record of information, or the place where such records are kept.

Animal breeding

A breed registry for purebred animals records the ancestry and ownership of the animals.

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Baggle - Any-occasion wishlist in free and paid versions. Features password protection, export, multiple lists, and adding via popup.
Meta Description: [ Baggle is a universal wishlist tool that allows you to save items from anywhere on the web, collect cash via PayPal, and save items using your mobile camera phone. ] - Free service offers event planner, adding by popup, and multiple lists.
Meta Description: [ A Free Wish List. Store all the gifts you'd like to recieve in your wish list. ]

Felicite - Free service features party planning tools, option to purchase part of a gift, password protection, simple URLs, and moving items within lists.
Meta Description: [ a free Gift Registry, Wedding Registry, Baby Registry, Bridal Registry, Baby Shower, or any occasion ]

Gift Aloud - Simple event-based lists.

Gift Assistance Network - Allows registry of items by price range, and a listing of preferences such as shirt size and favorite colors to help shoppers choose the right gift.

Gift Genie - Free service including claiming.
Meta Description: [ Gift genie lets you create a wish list that you can send to your friends and family, you get EXACTLY what you want and dont get gifts twice. You can also get your friends and family to create a list too so you know what to get them! ]

404 Gift Registry 21 - Free multi-store lists with services for stores, registrants, and shoppers.
Meta Description: [ Gift Registry 21 offers an online gift registry service in order for stores to offer a gift registry service to their customers. ]

500 - Create a personal list or one for someone who doesn't have a computer. Supports claiming, adding by popup, and multiple lists.
Meta Description: [ Create gift lists and then share & exchange your gift list with your family & friends. Make Christmas a gift list & holiday gift lists, also maintain a gift registry for weddings, bridal & baby showers. ]

Giftomat - Free service allows multiple lists, importing from, and bookmarking the registries of friends. - Wedding and gift registry for cash and stocks.
Meta Description: [ is the premier on-line gift registry for cash and stocks. Register for any occasion, including weddings, anniversaries, birth of your child or birthdays. Register for the down payment of a home, a new car, or financial portfolio. ]

My Baby Registry - Consolidated gift registry for nationwide baby stores.
Meta Description: [ My Baby Registry -- The Online Gift Registry for Fine Baby Stores All Over the U.S.A. ]

My Gift Lists Online - Free lists offering joint registration, privacy options, and claiming.

My Life Registry - Paid service offers categories, adding items with a popup window, size and color listing, and communities for wedding registrants and baby registrants.
Meta Description: [ The Ultimate, Universal, all purpose gift registry that allows the users to add items from literally ANY web site or brick and mortar store IN THE WORLD. Build and share your Complete online gift registry for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or ANY OCCASION. Add as many items as yo... ] - Independent gift registry service supporting multiple lists and pin coded reservation.
Meta Description: [ Create your online wish list and share it with your friends and family. ] - Create custom wishlists, find a friend's list, gift ideas, invitations, event reminders, calendar.
Meta Description: [ Make custom wishes, do surprise gifting, or send rsvp party invitations for any occasion. Find and invite friends to create wishlists, or shop for gifts for the family. ]

PrezzyList - Users can create a wish list comprised of links to products at other websites, with descriptions, price ranges and categories for each item.
Meta Description: [ Free gift list database, create your own list, send to family and friends, great for weddings, birthdays, Christmas and other holidays ]

404 SmallWishes - Free registry with limited list of items to purchase by credit card or PayPal.
Meta Description: [ Smallwishes is the ultimate honeymoon and gift registry. Perfect for christmas, weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, baby showers, or any other holiday. ]

Some Gift Ideas - Paid bridal registry with claiming for shoppers.
Meta Description: [ Wedding gift registry website that allows couples to create a gift registry for their wedding with gift ideas from any store. ]

500 Swagbag - Universal free registry offers adding items via popup, multiple lists, and size/color fields.

The Things I - Universal list for any occasion, featuring privacy settings, sharing, website publishing, tagging, and adding via popup.
Meta Description: [ Universal Wishlist and Gift Registry Service for use as Birthday , Christmas Gift List or Wedding, Baby Registry. ] - Lists for any specific occasion, including separate logins for hosts and guests.

Things I Love - General-purpose lists allows items to be private, multiple lists, and the option to have wishlists from other sites imported by staff.
Meta Description: [ Create general purpose wishlists for birthdays, weddings and other important events and get the gifts you want. ]

What To Get.Net - Free service offers one-click item adding, pictures of items, mobile registry access, e-mail notifications, and simple URLs.
Meta Description: ['s free all occasion gift registry offers baby shower, bridal, wedding, birthday, christmas, honeymoon, bar and bat mitzvah, honeymoon gift lists. ]

500 WishFish - Free service offers multiple lists, images of items, categories, and quick submit function.

WishList, Inc. - Allows items to be added via popup, lists for any occasion, and item claiming for shoppers.
Meta Description: [ Increase sales through WishList's suite of e-commerce services which include: wishlist/gift registry, email-a-friend, product rating, and email marketing tools. Our services help convert more browsers into buyers, attract new visitors virally, and build relationships with consumers that would ha... ] - Free registry with categories, unique designs, registering under multiple e-mail addresses, a calendar, and buddy lists.
Meta Description: [ Online wish list. Take the pain out of weddings, Christmas, birthdays with an online wish list from wishrepublic. Get what you want, when you want it, without the repetition of having to tell everyone ]

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